TV review: You can get the staff

The New Servants | Destination D-Day | The Protectors | In Search of Genius: last night’s television by Sam Wollaston.

Cheerful Alex is another new servant, a personal time-saver. This seems to be a less glamorous profession than life coach, more of a dogsbody in fact. She clears lofts, gardens, organises and shops. She’ll even do an offy run, which is hard for a recovering alcoholic (“This used to be my favourite,” she says, sadly, holding up a bottle of Absolut).

Being a personal time-saver is stressful and, well, time consuming. So Cheerful Alex hires an assistant, and, would you believe it, a life coach! There seems to be a whole community of these people out there, looking after each other, organising each other’s lives. Fascinating.

Source: TV review: You can get the staff